no rest for the wicked

in the morning she prepares
her beauty is her favorite weapon
and her closet, her arsenal
she picks out her costume
knowing full well she’ll find herself in another man’s home that night
batted lashes conceal the glimmer in her eye
that instead of cunning is mistaken for charm
by the victims of her game
she’s a lioness on the prowl
a bonafide hitman
and her target is the heart
of all men
but when the moon calls out
and the curtains close
she is unable to sleep
even the satisfaction
of the figure lying by her side
calm, serene, and unknowing
that she’ll soon break him
is not enough
to put her mind at ease
because she knows too well
there is no such thing as a victimless crime
and there is no rest for the wicked


-Cali Avatar

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