Ode to Millais’ “Ophelia”

i dipped my feet into a pool of stars
a brilliant crown of green grass roots above me
three silver moons there were
one for love
and one for luck
my future rests in the other one
that night i laid bare
in the intertwining trees
their voices echoed in the stillborn breeze
i slept on the riverbed
while fallen honeysuckles my hair unkempt
a doe stood beside me
until it too
succumbed to the pearl’s waning song
beckoning the next day to begone
lilac moths fluttered to their candy flowers
who with the lowly grass spades flirted
only for that night the crickets rested
only for that night the birds kept still
i slipped into a shallow nook
no longer lulled along the stream
lush leaves made their way around my figure
as through my locks playful petals combed
and while i slept i dreamt
of idle worlds beyond
then a babbling brook spoke
and told me it was time
a leaf fell on my forehead
but i refused to open my eyes
and as the sun king woke
my body i let sink
so the memory of that night
would stay alive with my last breath

-Cali Avatar

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