she looks up to the sky
decides to retouch the clouds in cherry patterns
and chase swift footed fairies with pollen stained hands
her little nails itch away at the bark,
upon the trees request,
while laughing silly at the songbirds’ serenade

my child
i was once in you, and now you’re not in me
cursed with existence rich earth crumbles gray beneath my feet
long turned into to a calloused rug
i long to take you in my arms
and tell you im sorry for what I’ve done
i fail to bring your chaste soul back to life
inevitably, unpardonably
day after day

cure me of foul pollution
with your most colorful breaths
can you heal a monster
riddled in sordid consequence?

you’ve conquered a castle
nestled in wild loving trees
overwhelmed by life’s green abundance
you name the snapping turtle your steed
what now?


-Cali Avatar

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